THE BEATS collection

THE BEATS collection uses nylon yarn made from recycled fishing nets as its raw material. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of dyeing processes and extend the lifespan of our products with timeless and classic designs.

We aspire to minimize the use of petroleum-based materials, in line with the "REDUCE" and "RECYCLE" principles of environmental sustainability within the 3R framework.

Our packaging

In our product packaging design, we also aim to use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible.

The brand drawstring bags we provide with each product are made from rPET eco-friendly fabric. rPET fibers are derived from recycled plastic bottles, which are processed through separation, slicing, and spinning to be transformed into re-meltable rPET granules, then extruded into new fibers.

For our gift boxes, we use Acquerello, an uncoated paper and boards made with ECF pulp, FSC® certified. We have taken steps to replace the plastic inner packaging typically used for underwear and avoid plastic lamination to support our commitment to sustainability.