Cloris Li, Sarah Han

HER SENSES was founded in 2019, by two founders, Cloris Li and Sarah Han. Cloris, after many years of working in the lingerie management industry in France, went back to China and crossed path with Sarah Han, a self-made lingerie designer based in Shanghai. The shared philosophy and belief of design on brand brought them to create their own brand, HER SENSES. 


HER SENSES is an evolving dialogue for women empowerment, to reset the cultural notions of what wears under for the modern minimalists. Conceived from a notion of women empowerment, HER SENSES speaks true to one who dresses with purpose and embraces their strength and individuality. Informed by the simple lines of Bauhaus, pieces you will wear alone and mix match with outfits. Shaped by the plurality of the modern women, HER SENSES blends effortless fluidity with structure, balances between elegance and nonchalance, forming a new lingerie dress code redefined to dress the contemporary feminine ambition.